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Game On Power Supply

Game On Power Supply


This is a complete stand alone Power System. It does not use power from the pinball machines system. It utilizes the service outlet for power and supplys power when the game is on through a relay system that detects light. This can easily be used as a GI relay.I also sell additional relays to provide other interactive features.


This system is designed to provide power to all your mods so you no longer will need to worry about voiding a factory warranty, system resets, annoying speaker hum, or hooking, poking and proding into the original games electronics. This system can easily be removed and transfered from game to game.


Many mods and Accesories are available. Works with many mod makers mods.


Kit Includes:

  • 3a power Supply
  • Relay Unit
  • 8 way power splitter
  • Light Sensor


Add a mod with purchase of this kit for an extreamly discounted price! First select the mod you would like and add the Game On System from the mods Page. 


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