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Stern Interactive Backbox Kit (Stand Alone)

Stern Interactive Backbox Kit (Stand Alone)

This Kit is for those who do not want or own my Interactive Under-cab Kit.

Enhance your game-play experience with the Stern Interactive Backbox Kit. This kit is tailored to this machine to produce an interactive light show. The backpanel is made from a breathable material that will not heat up your boards. It is easy to install and remove for servicing. The GI portion of this kit has an inline remote to choose your colors or features. The flasher portion is designed to interact with the game (not remote or sound activated)it utilizes my under-cab Kit harness to provide the interactions. This easy to install product is made with high quality super bright LEDs and connects via piggyback connection to the games boards, 100% plug and play. This product is easily removable and makes no permanent changes to your game. Select the right kit for your machine from the list SAM, SPIKE, SEGA.

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